Nadeem Iqbal, Shamsheer Muhammad, Najeeb Haider, To Explore the Causes of Absenteeism at Government and Private Primary Schools: A Case Study from Pakistan, ILSHS Volume 54, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 54)
    The main purpose of the research was to evaluate the various causes of absenteeism in Government and Private school teachers in primary school Tehsil Jampur District Rajanpur (Punjab) Pakistan. 100 teachers were selected for sample. Half from government and half from private sector. In other word 50 teachers were from Government Schools and 50 were from Private School Sector. In this survey, research tool was used a questionnaire. We found out percentage for the scrutiny of information. In this scrutiny we see that Private School Teachers enjoy less leaves than Government School Teachers. Professional safety, relaxed manners of Head of Institute, various family functions, problems of conveyance and sickness are the major causes of absenteeism of the Government School Teachers. Whereas, Private School Teachers get less leaves because they believe their profession is insecure and they are less satisfied with their profession and functioning surroundings.
    Causes of Absenteeism, Government, Pakistan, Private Primary Schools