Udoka Israel Sunday, The Impact of Risk and Inflation on Residential Property Development Decision, ILSHS Volume 53, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 53)
    Residential property development decision most times come as a bit to quelling housing poverty, but at the same time a veritable source of income as well as a better bulwark against inflation and other risk than any other asset in isolation. However, this paper is written to assess the impact of risk and inflation on residential property development decision as the aim. Secondary data source was adopted as methodology for the research; while the result was that residential property development/investment provides significant favourable outcome than other property investments or businesses during inflationary/risky periods. It was therefore recommended that residential property investment/development should be involved in most investment portfolios at most times to mitigate risk of whatever type.
    Decision, Development, Inflation, Residential Property, Risk