Jacinta A. Opara, Innovating Science Student-Teacher’s Practicum in Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 53, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 53)
    The training of the science teacher requires both theory and practice. Teaching practice refers to a period of guided teaching during which the teacher-trainee or student-teacher assumes increasing responsibilities for directing the learning of a group of students over a period of some weeks, (about 12 weeks in all). Within this period, the student teacher undergoes a periodical apprenticeship under the guidance of supervisors from the training institutions and the co-operating school harboring the student teacher. In the process they endeavour to marry the theory taught and learnt with practice. The processes help them to acquire the necessary new skills, insights, attitudes and responsibilities which are basic to the teaching career/profession.
    Innovating Science, Nigeria, Student-Teacher’s