Hajaratu Deme Bott, Kaneng Tina Asaju, Motivation and Job Performance of University Workers: A Case Study of Plateau State University Bokkos, ILSHS Volume 53, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 53)
    In the field of management, performance and motivation are closely related and familiar terms. However, many managers either do not fully understand or appreciate the intricacies of the theories and practice of motivation. This paper establishes the role of motivation in organizational job performance, it also suggests ways of maintaining and sustaining workers motivation. It establishes that there is a strong relationship between motivation and job performance. The paper looks at the Sociological perspective of organizational job motivation under: Man as an employee, theories of motivation and the role of motivation on performance. Secondary sources of data were mainly used in gathering the information for this paper.
    Employee, Man, Motivation, Performance