Najeeb Haider, Nabila Khan, Nadeem Iqbal, Impact of Corporate Governance on Firm Financial Performance in Islamic Financial Institution, ILSHS Volume 51, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 51)
    The paper discusses the influence and relationship between corporate governance practices and firm financial performance in Islamic banking sector. Main purpose of this study is to find or identify various factors or variables that affects the firm financial performance. Corporate governance focuses on three meters as board size, number of meeting and audit committee size and firm financial performance has also three indicators return on equity, return on asset and earning per share. Data relates to corporate governance and firm financial performance is collected from annual reports of different Islamic banks to analyze the results. Data reveals the positive relationship between corporate governance and financial performance of Islamic banking sectors. The most outstanding results of this study has considerable and strong positive relationship in large board size and firm financial performance in developing countries as Pakistani circumstances.
    Board Size, Corporate Governance, Financial Performance, Islamic Banks