Mohsen Fatehi, Omid Akbari, An Experimental Analysis of Errors in Light of Language Learning and Language Use and the Role of Executing Involvement to Increase Motivation in the English Language Classroom, ILSHS Volume 51, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 51)
    People are very likely to make mistakes during language learning, FL learners above all. We want in this paper to make an experimental effort to describe and pinpoint learners’ errors in language learning and language use hoping it will pave the ground for FL learners’ to have a better understanding of the errors they make. And yet all researches done empirically until present day show a correlation between students’ motivation and learning aftermaths in the teaching of English in ESL and EFL contexts. Notwithstanding of a sound theoretical framework, there are few studies which bring about strategies intended to increase motivation and report findings. This paper also endeavors to enlighten the factors which put students’ motivation in jeopardy and act as hindrance in efficient foreign language learning. It equips teachers with a tool for assessing students’ motivation so that they put into practice effective motivation strategies in the English classroom. The strategies and involvements suggested can be used by teachers in copious teaching situations after of course considering and taking their own teaching contexts under advisement.
    Contrastive Analysis, English as a Foreign Language, Error Analysis, Involvements to Increase Motivation, Language Learning, Language Use, Motivation