Hamid Amadeh, Parisa Kafi, The Dynamic Relationship among Economic Growth, Energy Consumption and Environment in Iran, Volume 50, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 50)
    In recent decades, environmental risks and hazards are more visible. These damages caused by a combination of factors such as population growth, economic growth, energy, and industrial activities. This study discusses long-run equilibrium relationship, short-term dynamic relationships and causal relationships between energy consumption, economic growth and the environment (carbon dioxide emissions) in Iran, by using time series data during 1971-2009, through Co integration test. Co integration test demonstrates that a long-run relationship exists among the three variables. It is obvious that carbon dioxide emissions will be increased by positive shock of energy consumption and economic growth, by a one percent increase in energy consumption and economic growth, carbon dioxide emissions will increase 55 and 43 percent respectively. The result of this study is important because of reducing carbon dioxide emissions from energy use and economic development matters. In other words, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the government should reduce the amount of Petroleum products in energy consumption, and it also improves the efficiency of using energy.
    Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Co Integration, Economic Growth, Energy Consumption, Environment Kuznets Curve