Sayyed Ali Mirenayat, Elaheh Soofastaei, Survey of Love and Marriage in Janette Oke’s Fictions, ILSHS Volume 50, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 50)
    Love is a responsibility in being fond of others that is higher than a desire of friendship, for sure. It is something more than overcoming our loneliness, though human needs a power to escape from his loneliness. As a social being, human requires others to live, especially in opposite sex. In Janette Oke’s novels, the nature and meaning of love is the common path in choosing a life partner for marriage. In her view, marital love is a main principle in transcending human life. In her novels, when pure love happens in which we love somebody honestly without expecting reciprocation. In such relationship, the lover can only adjust his behaviors to show the message of love. Oke tries to show that the romantic love is the basis of the most extreme pleasure that our life needs.
    Family, Friendship, Love, Marriage, Relationship