Paul Jackson Ireyefoju, Constructing Education for Self-Realization on the Basis of Plato's Human Psychology: The Nigerian Experience, ILSHS Volume 48, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 48)
    Education for self realization is one of the cardinal point through wish our national philosophy and educational goals can be realized. Self realization is aimed at self confidence, self actualization, self reliance, independence, free and responsible citizenry who are capable of contributing meaningfully to the development of humanity. In realizing this goal, the schooling system largely depends on the instructional approach which makes both educators and learners to rely on classroom instructions to realize the self. It is true that much has been realized through this approach, yet it is not every learner that can benefit from the instructional approach. Using Plato's human psychology to construct education for self realization, the Nigerian learner will realize himself more because it will enable him to discover his potentials. But to what extent therefore can Plato's human psychology help in the construction of education for self realization in Nigeria education The importance of this paper is that every being has desires and if such desires are matched with potentials and possibilities it may lead to the authentic self. The philosophical analysis method was employed in examining Plato's human psychology, education for self realization and how Plato's human psychology can be used to construct education for self realization in the schooling system.
    Education, Nigerian Experience, Plato's Human Psychology, Self-Realization