Muhammad Mohsin Khan, Sources of Finance Available for SME Sector in Pakistan, ILSHS Volume 47, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 47)
    Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are engines of growth for developed and developing countries. Developing countries like Pakistan must pay special attention towards its development and growth which is very essential for country’s economic growth, economic development, employment generation, income equality, poverty alleviation, entrepreneurial culture etc. But unfortunately this sector is under performing due to many barriers including improper infra-structure, regulatory requirements difficulties, shortage of skilled HR, non competitive products, lack of entrepreneurial expertise, small scope of business and risk of default but above all access to finance is the major barrier that is facing by SMEs. This research paper examines the sources of finance (formal and informal) that are available for SMEs and also highlights the issues that create hindrance in effective flow of financial facilities to SMEs especially SEs (Small Enterprises). The research paper concludes that sufficient and easy availability of finance is the key to success for SMEs in Pakistan.
    Access to Credit, Formal Financial Sources, Informal Financial Sources, Medium Enterprises, Small Enterprises