Md. Ashrafuzzaman, The Socio-Economic Background of Immigrants Affect the Chances to get Higher Education in Sweden, ILSHS Volume 47, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 47)
    The main reason behind gathering a great number of immigrants in Sweden is its neutral advocacy in world politics. Many of the immigrants have come to Sweden after completing their higher education in their own countries and want to work and live in Sweden. They prefer the socio-economic condition of Sweden better than any other countries even from their own countries sometimes. My area of this research is “Socio-economic background and immigration”. I reviewed books, articles, other secondary data and will try to show the position of immigrants through socio-economic background as both are co-related. Immigration comes before socio-economic back ground or vice-versa. I will also try to focus on the position of education or what kind of educational facilities the immigrants are enjoying. ‘Socio-economic background’ and ‘Effect of socio-economic background on higher education in Sweden’ are the two points of my discussion. Here I will focus on the two points as well as ‘Socio-economic background’ & Immigrant discussion make place this article respectively and the question is Does the socio-economic background of immigrants affect the chances to get higher education in Sweden If so, then how it affects the chances How does socio-economic and socio-cultural factors affect the educational attainment of higher education in second-generation immigrants in Sweden
    Higher Education, Immigrants, Socio-Economic Background, Sweden-Past-Present