Jozef Novak-Marcincin, Adrian Nicolescu, Mirela Teodorescu, Information from Theory towards Science, ILSHS Volume 45, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 45)
    <i>Information from Theory towards Science, </i>the professor Stefan Vlăduţescu’s book from University of Craiova, is a confirmation of high intelligence level and propensity of author’s cognition. From various semiotic materials (words, images, gestures, drawings, etc.), following certain principles, under different procedures (operations, actions, movements, maneuvers, mechanisms, strategies) using means (languages​​, codes, subcodes) and specific tools (knowledge, concepts, categories) adapted aim between earth (with autocorrection by feedback) and firmament (as anticipation by feed-forward) rises an imposing edifice, a cognitive construction: this is information. It has systemic and procedural character and is organized on four coordinates: metric, semantic, structural and pragmatic.
    Communication Axioms, Communication Models, Information, Information Coordinates