Bianca Teodorescu, Modelling Anthropological Profile by Communication, ILSHS Volume 43, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 43)
    The role of the communication is to form and organize all the activities in a society. The communication intervene in antropological profile of human beings. The communicator consumes the information in a proper way to be understood by the collective in which he lives. In the process of communication, the informational contact between the people is generating by needs, aspiration, interest, ideas and attitudes. Any type of human organization is producing contacts and communication and has the role to imply it the effects on the society. Based on the importance of the information that is received, people evaluate the trends and knowledge on decision that are taken. In a global setting, the information, ideas and subject are all common, but they also can be diversified and adapted in function with the reality.
    Antropological Profile, Communication, Information, Society