Golam Mohiuddin, Professional Expertise Variances among Secondary School Teachers of Bangladesh: A Study, ILSHS Volume 42, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 42)
    This study aims to evaluate the levels of professional expertise among high school teachers as well as to identify the variances based on gender and work experience, as the teachers’ professional expertise level is of vital importance in quality of teaching and learning and students’ achievements. The study sample involved 85 teachers from various fields randomly selected from 3 schools in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The study used test with 30 questions to measure the teachers’ professional expertise. Overall results show that the level of professional expertise is generally at an average level. The result shows that there are significant variances between female and male teachers in terms of mastery of professional expertise. In addition, the data shows that there is significant variance between more experienced and less experienced teachers regarding mastery of professional expertise. The implication is that the program, run by schools or ministry of education, to implement to upgrade the professional expertise of teachers should consider the teachers’ backgrounds to make sure its effectiveness.
    Gender, Professional Expertise, Teacher, Variance, Working Experience