Omid Ali Moradian, Shaida Moradzadeh, Investigating the Efficiency of the Branch Offices of the Tose'ye Ta'avon Bank by the DEA Method, Volume 42, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 42)
    The present research was designed and implemented with the aim of investigating the efficiency of the branch offices of the Tose'ye Ta'avon bank by the DEA method. For this purpose, the statistical population of this study was all the branch offices of the Tose'ye Ta'avon bank at the national level. The number of branches under study was estimated 31. The present research in terms of objective is an applied research while the data collection methodology is of a field research type. The library tool for collecting the data as well as the Delphi method was applied for finalization of the information. The information collected was analyzed by using the WINQSB software, where the findings indicated from among all the provinces indicated; 9 branch offices in 2012, 9 branch offices in 2011, 7 branch offices in 2010 and 8 branch offices in 2008 were highly efficient, branch offices of provinces of Kermanshah and Golestan in 2012 and branch offices in the province of Fars in 2009 had a weak efficiency while the rest of the offices were inefficient.
    Branch Offices, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA), Efficiency, Tose'ye Ta'avon Bank