Maryam Heydari Fard, A Study of Chekhovian Elements in Radi's Drama, Volume 42, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 42)
    As one of the outstanding Iranian playwrights, Akbar Radi (1939-2007) is known to be influenced by Henrik Ibsen and Anton Chekhov. Occasionally by his critics, he was called as "The Persian Chekhov" but they never expounded comprehensively the details of the given epithet which might be derived from similarities, influences and inspirations among Radi and Chekov. By analyzing these similarity cases, this essay attempts to figure out whether this resemblance is resulted from the conscious impressionability. Or otherwise, the similar life conditions of the authors – which caused their parallel worldviews – are displayed in the world of their plays. By analyzing the social, economical and geographical conditions of the authors' lives and also studying the resemblance of the content of their works which consist of different aspects of characterization in their plays and also examining the structure and diction of their plays; this essay is going to give a comprehensive view of the epithet of "The Persian Chekhov".
    Akbar Radi, Anton Chekhov, Characterization, Impressiveness, Life's Condition, Plays, Similarity, Structure