Seied Mohammad Bagher Kamaladdini, Rashid Vatvat and Matlubon-Kolle-Taleb, Volume 42, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 42)
    This article is based on an attempt to introduce and study a new-found manuscript containing four Hadith books: "Tohfa-al-seddigh, Fasl-al-khetab, Ons-al-lohfan, Matlubon-kolle-taleb." These four Hadith books include Hadiths of the first four caliphs, interpreted by Rashid-al-din Vatvat; distinguished writer of sixth century in Kharazmshahian court. The remarks of two hadith books (Fasl-al-khetab and Matlubon–kolle-taleb) are also changed into persion poem. With a thematic point of view, some scribes have collected these four Hadith books into one book and named it: " Remarks of the four Chosen fellows" or " Hundred remarks of the four prophets fellows". This manuscript is written in Naskh in the same style by Taher.
    Manuscript, Matlubon-Kolle-Taleb, Rashid Vatvat