Jozef Novak-Marcincin, Daniela Gîfu, Mirela Teodorescu, “Next Flood Level of Communication: Social Networks”- A Review, ILSHS Volume 42, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 42)
    “Next Flood Level of Communication: Social Networks” (2013) published by Shaker Verlag, by Professor Ştefan Vlăduţescu from University of Craiova and Professor Ella Magdalena Ciuperca from National Academy of Intelligence “Mihai Viteazul” Bucuresti, is a book of intellectual elevation and high expression of ideas. The authors’ hypothesis and the nuclear idea of their book is that by their amplitude, by their performance, and by their self-generating, self-organization and self-improvement capabilities, social networks are the next flood level of communication. “The observational-wave of hypothesis is reinforced by an interrogative wave: what is next after next If "End of Metaphysics" in Martin Heidegger is perfection of metaphysics, if the "End of History" in Francis Fukuyama is perfection of history, we believe that "next flood level" is neither the last level, nor the perfect level of communication” asserts the authors. Social network is not quite the perfection it is only the configured direction to untouchable perfection. Social network is the path to perfection in constant concern itself, in self-knowledge, and in self-superior capitalization of humanity as a whole, of humanity as a global, integrated and homogeneous and with obvious nuclei of heterogeneity macro-social network. However, next of the next is something, at the same time apparent and hidden, from the actual potential of the current concrete. The future always has its seeds in the past and the present.
    Communication, New Media, Social Network