Syed Harris Laeeque, Role of Work-Family Conflict in Job Burnout: Support from the Banking Sector of Pakistan, Volume 40, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 40)
    The main aim of this study is to determine the relationship between work-family conflict (WFC) and job burnout experienced by an employee. This study follows a cross-sectional and quantitative approach. Self-administered, ordinal scale based questionnaires are used as an instrument to collect the responses from 200 respondents, working in the head offices of two private banks in Islamabad, Pakistan. Kendall tau-b rank correlation coefficient, linear regression and one-way ANOVA are employed for testing conceptual and mathematical model. The results of statistical analysis shows that both the domains of work-family conflict i.e. family interference with work and work interference with family, significantly and positively influence the job burnout of employees. Organizations must take an initiative to resolve the work-family conflict so that the employees devote their full capacity to work and also be able to meet their family requirements easily.
    Family Interference with Work, Job Burnout, Work Interference with Family, Work-Family Conflict