Sarieh Alaei, Zahra Barfi, Margaret Atwood in the Second and Third Waves of Feminism on the Basis of Julia Kristeva’s Theories, Volume 40, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 40)
    Although Margaret Atwood started writing in the second phase of feminism, some of her works show the features of the second and the third wave of feminism. It’s clear in Atwood’s <i>Cat’s Eye.</i> Elaine, protagonist of the novel, and other female characters indicate these features. Some of Atwood’s works imply Kristeva’s theories. Unlike the second wave of feminism, Julia Kristeva as a postmodern feminist rejects the distinction between sex and gender believing that these two terms respectively represent biology and culture which cannot be separated from each other. This idea can be examined in Margaret Atwood’s novel, <i>Cat’s Eye,</i> as a feature of the third wave of feminism. The authors of this article seek to analyze Atwood’s famous novel,<i> Cat’s Eye</i>, in the second and third waves of feminism based on Julia Kristeva’s theories.
    Cat’s Eye, Kristeva, Margaret Atwood, Second Wave of Feminism, Third Wave of Feminism