Masoud Fazlalipourmiyandoab, Babak Nazari, Investigating the Relation of Value Inclinations and Social Identity-Adoption (Among the Male High School Students of the City of Myandoab in the Educational Year of 2012-2013), Volume 39, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 39)
    The aim of the present research was to investigate the relation of value inclinations and social identity-adoption (among the male high school students of the city of Myandoab in the educational year of 2012-2013). The research method was a survey type method and the statistical population included all the high school students of the city of Myandoab for as many as 2423 people. The number of the statistical sample of the present t research with the Cochran formula is 292 where it increased to 300 for improving the accuracy. The sampling was done by simple random method. The tools for collecting data is the researcher made standard Finney questionnaire in two areas of social identity-adoption and value inclinations in the Likert scale where its face validity was reaffirmed by professors and the reliability was reported by using the Cronbach's alpha. The social identity – adoption was considered in two national and ethnic levels while the value inclinations were examined based on the Allport's six fold classification. The results findings revealed that other than economic values, there is a significant, direct and positive relation between the value inclinations and social identity-adoption of the students. The relation of value inclinations in artistic, scientific, and religious aspects is higher than the other relations.
    Ethnic Identity, National Identity, Social Identity-Adoption, Students, Value Inclinations