Bianca Teodorescu, Mihaela Gabriela Păun, A Fly over the Barriers of Communication, Volume 39, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 39)
    Communication has a number of features: unites people to send messages. In the process of communication exists different types of communication based on verbal and non-verbal actions. The process of communication occurs in a psychological, social, cultural and physical space. Another important feature about this process, is that the communication is characterized also through dynamism; it consists in the evolution and change of persons that are involved. The quality and quantity of the information theoretical substantiate the value. Any classification of the information is based on two existing forms: scale and complexity. The structure of communication and information is defined in theories and is redefined through analogy and generalization in science. Knowledge the object of communication means to understand how the process of communication is released.
    Communication, Process, System of Communication