Ali Mohammadi Bolban Abad, Rouzbeh Hanifi, The Effect of Language Changes on Culture Cause by Producing Knowledge and Technology, Volume 39, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 39)
    The Language is one of the instruments that changes by political and cultural evolutions (changes) and revolutionize during the humans history. But the main thing for the power and honor of each nation and government is protecting their culture and local language against these changes. The language evolution is inevitable. As the entrance of any other events is very common affair so the entrance of terms and any structure is common, too. The main language evolution reasons are because of the entrance of industrial and cultural phenomenon, political, economic and cultural relations, and arrival of those who educated abroad, geographical factors (having mutual border), taboos and military conflictions. These evolutions are semantic and not accidental and irregular. Systematic evolution is a part of language identity and maybe a part of human's identity. Changes in language is not always from extrinsic factor but also the language has a natural motion and it changes based on society needs. This evolution is too slow and gradual. But the main reason of entrance foreign terms that is one of the important factors of language changes is by improvement of technology in the world that producing scientific and technical instrument in such a high speed that is innumerable. As these instruments and tools enter other countries, they also enter their commercial names and known with these names. Sometimes in translation the scientific books, translators can't find suitable equivalents and synonymous because of the abundant numbers of the technical terms and lack of time, so they enter the original terms and use them in their translation.
    Culture, Language Evolution, Technology