Jozef Novak-Marcincin, Daniela Gîfu, Mirela Teodorescu, Violence and Communication, Volume 38, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 38)
    The study sets to catagrafy the “violence” phenomenon in actual human society. The diversity of violence types, the education segments, the age segments who aggress and who are aggressed, get more and more extended. The social context is crucial for both the performance and understanding of violence. The term „senseless violence‟ is often heard in cases where a serious violent incident was apparently unprovoked or has emerged from “insignificant” insults or altercation. The notion of “senseless” violence is, by implication, contrasted to some other „reasonable‟ kind, or perhaps suggests that what we find repugnant needs to be placed beyond the bound of sense. Most people probably have a wordless conception of what is a reasonable response to offence or provocation, for example, a fatal shooting following an altercation over a parking place appears inexplicable and senseless. Still many acts of extreme violence occur in response to apparently minor incidents and violence nearly always has “sense”, that is, social meaning, to both perpetrators and victims. The targets of violence are rarely chosen randomly and the victims and perpetrators are frequently already known to each other. In some cases the attribution “senseless” refers to an assumed mental illness or other pathology that might account for otherwise incomprehensible behavior. Human society registered besides direct violence: war, murder, rape, assault, verbal attacks, that is the kind that we physically perceive, another two invisible forms and can‟t be eliminated without eliminating them, cultural violence and structural violence. Direct violence has its roots in cultural and structural violence; then it feeds back and strengthens them. All three forms interact as a triad. Direct violence reinforces structural and cultural violence. We are trapped in a vicious cycle that is now threatening to destroy life on earth.
    Communication, Cultural Violence, Direct Violence, Structural Violence, Violence