Seyed Reza Seyed-Javadin, Reza Raei, Mohammad Javad Iravani, Mohammad Safari, Presenting a Conceptual Model to Explain the Role of Strategic Management and Planning in Islamic Banking Competitiveness, Volume 37, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 37)
    Financial system is the heart of any economy. To superior performance in the national and local level it is essential to have an efficient and convenient banking system. What this study aimed to discuss is that strategic management principles, content and benefits should be considered in order to achieve a higher successfulness in the Islamic banking planning, implementation and control. In today financial services market lack of strategic and long term visions and planning is one of the challenges and problems related to the Islamic banking. Thus this paper aimed at present the theoretical framework to illustrate the key role of strategic management and planning in the Islamic banking successful management and implementation. In order to present the framework this study using qualitative method, based on the detailed literature review and previous researches according to the identified models of both strategic management and competitive advantage final theoretical model has been provided. Strategic management with its unique features is primary designed to help the organization operate successfully in dynamic, complex environment especially in the financial and banking markets. Strategic management links the basic elements of an organization so integrated that breakthrough in turbulent business environment can be achieved.
    Competitive Advantage, Competitiveness, Islamic Banking, Strategic Management