Joseph Philip Dangbin, James Kyamru, Demographic Pattern of Economic Elder Abuse among Retired Army Officers and Men in Bauchi South Senatorial District, Bauchi State - Nigeria, ILSHS Volume 36, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 36)
    The study investigated the demographic pattern of economic elder abuse - DPEEA amongretired army officers and men (RAOM) in Bauchi South Senatorial District-BSSD, Bauchi State-Nigeria. One research question and a corresponding null hypothesis guided the study. The crosssectionalresearch design was used for the study. The population for the study was 2024 RAOM,while the sample for the study consisted of 204 RAOM. Researchers designed questionnaire validatedby five experts was used for data collection. a reliability index of .85 was obtained through theoutcome of pilot testing using split half method. Percentages was used to answer research questionwhile chi-square statistic was used in testing hypothesis at .05 level of significance (p-value = .05).The results of the study showed that DPEEA of RAOM of Christianity was more with cluster mean of91.9 % as against their Islamic counterpart of 89.9%. Furthermore, that of the two religions of theRAOM, the RAOM of Christian fate were subjected to economic elder abuse - EEA more than theirMuslims counterpart in delayed pension or periodic financial assistance (Christians’ RAOM = 97.7 %&gt; Muslim RAOM = 91.2 %). The study further showed that a significant difference was found in theDPEEA of RAOM according to religion (Cal Χ<sup>2</sup> = 68.91 &gt; Χ<sup>2</sup> tab = 3.84, df = 1, p &lt; .05). In linewith the findings of the study, recommendations were proffered among which was that the Clergiesand relevant agencies should endeavour to ensure that their congregations and people are encouragedto treat the elderly appropriately especially in the restoration of their dignity by appropriate treatment.This can be done when the elderly are taken care of by their people as they cater for their most fragileneeds and demands; such as the need to be provided appropriate adequate meals, paying the elderlytheir entitlement of pension promptly, not compelling them to do poorly remunerated jobs amongmany others.
    Demographic Pattern, Economic Elder Abuse, Men, Retired Army Officers