Zahra Ahmadi, Sufi in Masnavi-Ma'navi Rumi's Positive View about Sufi and Sufism, ILSHS Volume 36, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 36)
    Jalal ad-Din Mohammad Balkhi known as one of the great mystics of the seventh century AD, that his work is considered one of the main sources of mysticism. Sufi is one of the key words of his works, especially in the Masnavi. Added on Rumi, the Sufi exploration puts. Added to this is an understanding of the terms and concepts used can be any one of us closer to the truth Sufi knowledge. This article features Sufi Rumi's works show that it is trying the apparent separation of the true Sufi mystic from False Sufis, It review about Rumi's positive view about Sufism and Sufi that came in Rumi's work.
    Masnavi, Positive View, Rumi, Sufi