Daniela Gîfu, Ioan Constantin Dima, An Operational Approach of Communicational Propaganda, ILSHS Volume 34, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 34)
    The study aims to prove that propaganda involves four elementary operations of persuasion into the productive process: lie, fiction, seduction and myth. The main operation appears to be in propaganda: the seduction and myth. The lie and fiction appear as secondary operations. Propaganda operates as a poly-operator system. The operation of seduction presides therein (the principle of contagion, the principle of repletion, the principle of frontal non-contradiction). The operation of mythical induction have an important role (the principle of thematic valorisation of myths), the lie (the principle of distortion) and fiction (a corollary of the principle of denaturation).
    Fiction, Lie, Myth, Persuasion, Propaganda, Seduction