Ioan Constantin Dima, Daniela Gîfu, Opinion and Persuasion, ILSHS Volume 33, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 33)
    The research proves that persuasion has two types of objectives. Its main objective is the change of opinion. Its fundamental and foundational objectives are the change in attitude, generic conduct and situational behaviour. The main objective controls the fundamental objectives. The change in attitudes and conduct/behaviour is presided by changes in opinion. Persuasion is thus shown to be primarily and ultimately a matter of opinion. As such, its mechanism to manage and generate at the level of opinion must be searched and rendered visible. Its specific strategies at this level must also be deciphered. Persuasion as opinion moves towards an opinion. It should not be denied that conviction also moves towards an opinion, and similarly, as manner, by means of an opinion.
    Altered Opinion, Communication, Natural Opinion, Opinion, Persuasion