Ştefan Vlăduţescu, Communicational Types of Propaganda, ILSHS Volume 33, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 33)
    On a meta-analytical way, the study inventorizes and organizes the types of propaganda. It configures a communicational-persuasive taxonomy of types of propaganda. For this exploit relevant contributions of some outstanding communication authority propaganda: Sergei Chakotin, Jacques Ellul, Jean Cazeneuve, Garth S. Jowett, Victoria O'Donnell, H.-P. Cathala, J.-M. Sproule, J. E. Combs, D. Nimmo, Cristian Florin Popescu, Călin Hentea. As prototypes of propaganda are recorded vertical and horizontal propaganda; rational and irrational propaganda; propaganda of competition, propaganda of integration and propaganda of subversion; ideological, political, economy, moral, aesthetical, religious, oral, written, visual, audio-visual, organizational propaganda. The core propaganda will always find the target group. How relevant taxonomy is what is done according to the action on the target group: seductive propaganda, propaganda mythical false propaganda, propaganda fiction.
    Communication, Persuasion, Propaganda