Siamand Movloudi, Heman Mahmoudfakhe, Investigating the Causes of Examination Anxiety and Ways to Reduce it among the Payame Noor University Students South of the West Azerbaijan Province, ILSHS Volume 33, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 33)
    The aim of the present research was to investigate the causes of examination anxiety and ways to reduce it among the Payame Noor University students south of the West Azerbaijan province. The universe under study was all the Payame Noor university students south of west Azerbaijan (Mahabad, Naghade, Piranshahr). They number around 12000 who were differentiated as 5401 boys and 6599 girls. The sample in question in this research was 300 people including 171 girls and 129 boys. The sampling method was a random-classification one. To collect data in this research , a researcher made questionnaire that included 32 questions as well as a standard 25 question questionnaire for the examination anxiety(Ahvaz) were used so as to measure the depending variable (examination anxiety). The research method was survey and for analyzing the data, the inferential statistics (Spearman correlation test and U Mann-Whitney test) were used. Findings revealed that there is a direct significant relationship among the familial life and examination anxiety, personality characteristics, environmental factors, quality of regulations and administration of examinations and both mental and bodily characteristics.
    Anxiety, Bodily Characteristics, Examination Anxiety, Mental Characteristics, Personality Characteristics