Filibus Jamaka Auta, Re-Engineering Education and Development from the Prevalence of System Architecture of the Social Media Network, ILSHS Volume 32, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 32)
    This paper examines how four systems of re-engineering principles namely, complete operational process system, set-transformation system socio-technical system and technical/workflow environmental analysis re-engineering system, these systems have contributed to life-changing opportunities created by mobile and web-based digital telecommunication systems, the social media networks. The paper also highlighted the structure, functions, and transformation of the society resulting from cell phone design, social media simulation and modelling. They have not only contributed immensely in education and development, especially among the youth. Despite, the regulation policy of government, network providers, a whooping one hundred and sixty-four thousand, six hundred and forty-two subscribers in the year two thousand and thirteen, the number is still growing, are online for education and development. Subscribers are sometimes found on the contradictory side of social practice when they are suppose to confine to practice of environmental learning, distance learning, long-life learning, formal and informal education to avoid danger, restrictions contradictions, that had been the vision mission of the preceding mass media practice which has now exploded to a digital telecommunication broadband of the cell phones/satellite phones, popularly named the social media networks.
    Development, Education, Environmental Learning, Social Media Networks