Rajesh K. Yadav, Sarvesh Mohania, Role of Insurance Ombudsman and Grievance Management in Life Insurance Services in Indian Perspective, ILSHS Volume 31, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 31)
    A grievance is defined as a wrong or immoral suffered which creates ground for a complaint. In other words, dissatisfaction of customer on a product or service offered by a manufacturer or a service provider. The study focuses on the grievance management in life insurance services by the insurance ombudsman in India. In today’s scenario of insurance market, with the large volume of insurance transactions and huge customer size, it is an accepted fact that there will be growing number of policyholder grievances for every insurance providing company. The study is based on the secondary data collected from IRDA and research papers from various journals. The study concluded that in grievance management role of insurance ombudsman is very important and constant increase in number of complaints received by various Ombudsman all across the India shows that the policy-holders are gaining their confidence and trust in the institution of Insurance Ombudsman.
    Grievance, Insurance Ombudsman, Life Insurance