Zahra Karami Baghteyfouni, Mehri Raoufi, Mahnaz Asadihaghighat, Hamidreza Mahmodian, Payam Ardashiri, A Comparison of Aggression and Irrational Beliefs of the Students on the Basis of their Using of Computer Games, ILSHS Volume 31, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 31)
    The aim of the present research was to compare the aggression and irrational beliefs of thestudents who use computer games and those who do not use such computer games. The universe under research included all the high schools students of the city of Saghez studied in the educationalyear of 2012-2013. A sample size of 100 people at the high school levels was selected through themulti stage cluster sampling and then via simple random method. To collect the data, a 29 question aggression questionnaire by Buss and Perry and a Jones 100 question irrational beliefs questionnairewere used. To analyzethe data, the test was used. Findings revealed that there is a difference between the normal students and the students that use gaming with respect to aggression and irrational beliefs.
    Aggression, Computer Games, Irrational Beliefs