Oprea Valentin Buşu, Difficulties of Unitary Understanding of the Social Communication, ILSHS Volume 30, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 30)
    The study aims to reveal the specific profile of social communication. This is achieved in two ways: by clarifying the difference between the individual and mass communication, and by highlighting the common characteristics of them. It emphasizes that by its psychological and social determinations, communication is reflected on individuals or groups of individuals with significant effects, depending on the occupied place by them within the communicational system. A fair, effective decision, can’t be taken only if the system and communication networks, are properly functioning. What is important in the end is the effectiveness of communication, or, in other words, if its message was properly understood by the interlocutor what will lead to the desired effect. The communication is a dynamic process which, once initiated, evoluates, is changing and changes people involved in the process. It is even said that we are what we are as a result of interactions of communication that we had along the life, which is certainly true as far as personality is the result of environment, education, experience, and communication is the way which they operate.
    Figure of Mass Communication, Mass Communication, Mass-Media