Ladan Nasri, Hasan Babaee, Role of Social Skills in Improving the Women's Marital Adjustment in the City of Sanandaj, Volume 30, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 30)
    This research was done with the aim of studying the role of social skills in improving the women's marital adjustment and its specialized objectives are addressing the role and effect of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional skills, women's age, acquaintance with the husband before marriage, work place of the husband, woman's educational level , their employment, and number of their children on their marital adjustment (dependent variable). The theoretical framework of this study consists of theories of Nay's social exchange, Coffman's dramatic theory, the models of Elizabeth Bath's roles, Godden’s pure relationship, Coleman's social-cognitive capital, Framo's internal conflict solution, Negee's ethical criteria, Guttmann's elimination of conflicts, Buchner's self –disclosure, Ellis's illogical and inflexible thoughts, Mitchell's family life cycle, and Bourdieu's cultural capital. The survey method research was employed in this study and the statistical universe consisted of women aged 20-55 and the sample size of 365 people were selected through the multi stage cluster and random sampling. Research instrument was questionnaires, asking questions related to social skills through researcher made questionnaires and to measure the marital adjustment variable the Lock-Wallace marital adjustment questionnaire was applied. Research findings suggest that there is a significant relationship between variables of social skills (cognitive, behavioral and emotional variables) on one hand, and marital adjustment of the other hand, so that by increasing cognitive behavioral and emotional skills, the degree of marital adjustment will also rise. Also, there is a meaningful relationship among the age difference between husbands and wives, number of their children, education level, and women's profession on one hand and marital adjustment on the other hand. Also, the marital adjustment of women in terms of acquaintance before marriage and the spouse's were place was different, that is the ones who were acquainted with each other and the work place of their spouses were in Sanandaj had higher marital durability.
    Behavioral, Cognitive, Emotional Skills, Lock-Wallace Marital Adjustment, Marital Adjustment, Social Skills