Hamid Kamarzarin, Maryam Tehranizadeh, Examining the Relationship between the Emotional Intelligence and Normal People, Drug Addict, and Drug-Quitter among no-Name Addicted Groups (NA), ILSHS Volume 30, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 30)
    Emotional intelligence brings more success in people and makes them treat ordinary problems more wisely. Addiction, which is currently increasing in most societies, causes people to be inoperable as well as causing personal and social devaluation. The present study investigates emotional intelligence in three groups of the members of the society and these include normal people who have never taken any drugs, the drug addicts and drug-quitter in no-name addicted groups (NA). The subjects in the present study are 90 males of Karaj Province in total, which are selected as follows: 30 of them were selected in a simple random sampling method, 30 drug addicts who were selected purposefully and 30 no-name addicted individuals (NA) were selected purposefully. In order to evaluate the emotional intelligence in the present study, Bar-On emotional intelligence questionnaire was used and in order to detect the drug addicts, a self-reporting technique was used. The information used in the present study was obtained from an individual interview. With the aim of analyzing the data, descriptive practices were used to explain the information about the samples and demographic characteristics, as in inferential methods such as variance analysis. The results obtained in the present study showed that the emotional intelligence of the drug-quitters in the (NA) is generally higher than that of the normal and the drug addicts; to be more specific, there is a significant difference between the three groups in all the seven subcategories of the emotional intelligence; that is to say, it was higher in the NA. The seven subcategories contain problem solving, happiness, psychological pressure tolerance, self-actualization, self-esteem, impulse control and self-expression.
    Drug Addict, Drug-Quitter, Emotional Intelligence, NA