Roghaieh Fathi, The Effect of Entrepreneurship Education on Business Intelligence of Management Students of Islamic Azad University of Elam, ILSHS Volume 30, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 30)
    This study was performed with the goal of determination of effect and relationship between business intelligence and entrepreneurship education and response to this question that entrepreneurship education can be effective on Business intelligence of student Considered Population sample is that samples matched through matching by gender in two 28 people groups, in each group (14 boys and 14 girls) simple randomly method. The study is performed based on comparison-scientific method. The results of study show that entrepreneurship educations have positive and meaningful effect on business intelligence of students who participated in entrepreneurship educations classes. And also results show that the amount of observed beta in entrepreneurship dimensions for locus of control variables, Mental health, Pragmatic, dreaming, Challenging, entrepreneurship in order are .235, 279, 335, 231, 293, 317 that each six numbers are in the 0.01 meaningful level. It means that every six variables meaningfully have the Predictive power of business intelligence of students in both female and male gender.
    Business Intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Education