Askar Jalalian, Zohreh Moradi, Analysis on Principle of Sovereign Judicial Immunity in Municipal Courts in International Laws, ILSHS Volume 30, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 30)
    In this article principle of sovereign judicial immunity, developments and changes on this principle and change of principle of immunity from absolute to limited have been studied. Judicial immunity of foreign state in municipal courts is of the most important issues in international and national law. Judicial immunity in national law is a special situation which immunes holders from prosecution and exercising legal punishments and disturbance of government officials and international judicial immunity contains mentioned characteristics in international arena. Immunity isone of the principles of general international law which prevents summoning of a foreign state to municipal state courts. Absolute immunity which was considered as a dominant method in early 20<sup>th</sup> century gradually changed to limited immunity doctrine according which, acknowledger state has nocommitment about granting immunity to exercise incumbency of state and exercising limitedimmunity would lead to sovereignty exercise.
    Absolute Immunity, International Law, Judicial Immunity, Jure Gestionis, Jure Imperii, Limited Immunity, Municipal Courts