Oksana Duchak, Marginalization of Young People in Society, ILSHS Volume 29, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 29)
    Modern society has a lot of issues which require immediate interference from the side of state policy and government. Special place among these problems takes the process of marginalization of young people which is caused by deformation of state and public institutions, destruction of social, cultural, ideological and political bases of life, loss of value orientations. Stereotypical presumptions about people, coupled with prejudiced views concerning specific religions and their followers, are dangerous with respect to the influence that these stereotypes can have on progress towards social integration and community cohesion. Research conducted on youth show that experiences of poverty, homelessness, racism, unemployment, abuse, addiction, gender preference and so on generally determine marginalization but not necessarily. The notion of social exclusion and social marginalization are enlighten in the paper and propositions for development of effective policy strategies to prevent marginalization are presented. This article deals with analyzing the determinants of social exclusion, ideology of marginalization, educational marginalization.
    Marginalization, Social Exclusion, Youth