Seied Mohammad Bagher Kamaladdini, The Best Poem in Vahshi Bafghi's Point of View is Not the most False one, ILSHS Volume 29, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 29)
    Knowing about poem particulars of Kamal Addin Vahshi Bafghi and his thoughts needs further investigation and research in universities. Vahshi's love, affection and frenzied is unique in the world. without doubt if he was not a real lover and love's fire was not in his heart, he couldn't have such an effective poems and his speech was not so painful and vexing. The secret of his Artillery and flaming speech just is inside his broken heart and his anguish. He mentioned about moralities like modesty in a very attractive way and high sensitiveness and used marvelous expressions, so it is in an exclusive and recent form. There for Vahshi's method is what one could forget the idea: the best poem in Vahshi's point of view is the most false one. His speech is sincere and candid, so listeners rely on it and finally his poem is extremely according to his feelings, thoughts and conscience since it comes from his soul, goes into one's heart! This article is an accurate study in Vahshi's poems specially his love poems and lyrics, was done by descriptive methods and the application of library resources.
    Heart, Love, Poem, Reality, Vahshi's Bafghi