Hadi Yousefi, The Comparative Study of Borrowing in Hafez and Iraqi’s Poetry, ILSHS Volume 29, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 29)
    Undoubtedly, the precise survey indicates that there was an inseparable link among Persian literature, Islam and Quran verses and prophet's Hadith as well and it will be continued. The first individuals who adorned their poetries by verses and Hadith were some poets such as Rudaki, Abushakur Balkhi and Kesaie Maruzi. Borrowing is welcomed by the poets in the next eras and it has continued until now as we can observe Sohrab Sepehri's pliability from Quran in his works easily. The present study aims at investigating borrowing in the poetry of two Farsi literature poets, Hafez and Iraqi, the rate of their exploitation of verses and Hadith and also comparative methods of the issue. The results reveal that the names of Quran and prophets in Hafez's poetry have an increased frequency, also Hafez has excelled Iraqi at conceptual function and Iraqi has excelled Hafez at applying a part of verses.
    Borrowing, Hadith, Hafez, Iraqi, Verses