Smiles I. Ume, C.I. Ezeano, R.O. Anozie, Role of Off-Farm Income in Agricultural Production and its Environmental Effect in South East, Nigeria (A Case Study of Commercial Motor Cycle Business), Volume 84, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 84)
    Role of off-farm income in agricultural production and its environmental effect in Southeast, Nigeria (A case study of commercial motor cycle business) was studied. Two hundred and forty respondents (240) (One hundred and twenty riders and one hundred and twenty motor cycle users) were selected through multi stage random sampling techniques. The objectives of the study were captured using percentage responses, multiple regression and factor analyses. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. The result of socio-economic characteristics of commercial motor cycle riders showed that most riders were youthful, single and experienced. Also, most of the riders used their money generated in the business in hiring labour, procurements of farm inputs, family welfare, expansion of business and procurement of equipment. As well, the menaces caused by motor cycle to the riders and the general society were accidents, traffic jam, crimes, health challenges and gang beating. More so, the determinant factors to the motor cycle riders’ income generated were number of years of experience and marital status. In addition, the effects of motor cycle operations to the environment were dusty and noisy situations, soil erosion, vegetation loss and oil spillage. The avenues in alleviating the affects of motor cycle operations on the environment were use of gadgets, educational programme, ban on the use of big motor cycle, use of traffic control and cleanliness of vehicular emission. The major problems encountered by the riders were extortions by the police, emblem, high cost of fuel and high cost of spare parts. Based on the findings the following recommendations were proffered. There is need to enhance riders’ access to hearing and head protective devices and goggle gadget at affordable prices. Also, experienced and novice riders should be encouraged to remain in business through among others provision of motor cycle parts at affordable prices and rehabilitation of rural roads by the government. Finally, all forms of extortions of the riders should be checkmated and the culprits brought to book.
    Agricultural Production, Business, Commercial, Environmental Effects, Motor Cycle, Off-Farm Income, Roles