Seied Mohammad Bagher Kamaladdini, Place of the Didactic Literature in Vahshi Bafghi's Khold-e-Barin, ILSHS Volume 27, International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences (Volume 27)
    Masnavi Khold-e-Barin is one of letters that educate people moral courses in different ways. Vahshi Bafghi by using his special technique, compose a word full of advice and using the different metaphor sings helps to understanding of good and bad issues in life. He expresses ethical messages in two ways, the theme of novel and direct expression. This paper tries to evaluate the Place of the educational literature in Vahshi Bafghi's Khold-e-Barin; the author shows aspects and features of didactic literature using content analysis in Khold-e-Barin. Issues such as the avoidance of envy, greed, worldly and other worldly courses, advice and the moral results of tales, praised of the knowledge and awareness, chastity word of poet, give didactic Ethics and Spirituality atmosphere to this letter. In this research, didactic poems in two sections of “sermon – ethical” and “Education – Spiritual” have been studied.
    Didactic Literature, Khold-e-Barin, Moral Poetry, Mystical Poetry