Martina Pásková, Josef Zelenka, Sustainability Management of Unesco Global Geoparks, SGG Volume 2, Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism (Volume 2)
    UNESCO global geoparkUNESCO global geoparks dynamic initiative draws attention of both experts and public by its innovatively holistic approach to conservation, presentation and interpretation of the Earth heritage interrelating the geodiversity of the region with its biodiversity and cultural diversity. The objective of this contribution is to analyse the processes behind the sustainability management of the UNESCO global geoparks.The process analysis of the certification and revalidation schemes of the UNESCO global geoparks reveals a combined application of the interrelated approaches of the sustainability management, in particular the environmental quality management, knowledge management, strategic management and participative management. The environmental quality management, stimulating UNESCO global geoparks to implement their mission, is ensured through the system of initial certification and regular revalidations. The performance of the UNESCO global geoparks is coordinated on the continental and global levels. This networking facilitates an effective implementation of the knowledge management, which consists in the systematic sharing of knowledge and experience among individual geopark representatives. The participative management is implemented not only through the participation of the individual geoparks representatives in the decision making processes of the Global Geoparks Network and continental networks, but mainly through the participation of local actors in the activities of given UNESCO global geopark. The application of the strategic management ensures the long term balanced contribution of UNESCO global geoparks to the sustainable development and cultural identity of the given region. The analysis has shown a specific way in which the selected concepts of the sustainability management are implemented in the evaluation and revalidation procedures, networking and other pillars of the UNESCO global geoparks development.
    Geotourism, Management, Sustainability, UNESCO Global Geoparks