Abiodun O. Fatoye, Albert O. Adebayo, Wasiu B. Tomori, Multivariate Analysis and Contamination Studies of Elemental Profile in Ife/Ijesa Goldmine Tailings, Southwestern, Nigeria, SGG Volume 2, Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism (Volume 2)
    The concentration of metals in the tailings of Ife/Ijesa goldmine, Nigeria was identified by using Proton Induced X-Ray Emission spectrometry as the main analytical tools. A total of 75 samples of the tailings were collected. Correlation, principal component and cluster analyses suggested probable natural and anthropogenic sources of the metals in the tailings. The contamination level of heavy metals was assessed on the basis of geo-accumulation index (), and ecological risk. The analysis of revealed moderately-heavily to heavily extremely contaminated. The value of showed a low level of heavy metals except Cu which shows considerable contamination.
    Component, Concentration, Contamination, Correlation, Goldmine, Tailings