Luciano Schaefer Pereira, Lúcio Sobral da da Cunha, Marcos Antonio Leite do Nascimento, Emergence of Geotourism Activity at João Pessoa Municipality and South Coast of Paraíba (Ne Brazil), SGG Volume 1, Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism (Volume 1)
    The municipality of João Pessoa and the south coast of Paraíba, admittedly, is a tourist destination for sun and sea. It has a geomorphological, geological, pedological and hidrological heritage still little studied for geotourism purposes, whose contribution of this paper is to encourage discussions about this niche, yet incomplete, tourism, notably in the Paraíba State. The preliminary aim is to suggest potential sites that reflect the geodiversity of the area, with the aim of mapping the future of it, resulting the elaboration of a Geoturistic Guide of this coastal area. The geosedimentary history of the urban site of area dates back to the late moments of the separation of the supercontinent Pangea, forming the Paraiba basin. The urban development of geotourism in João Pessoa and surrondings is a dynamic way to publicize their geoheritage to a greater number of people, whether tourists or not, for it geoconservation. This practice still keeps its infancy, and the inventory of this geoheritage, as well as biotic and geomorphological heritage, with the intention of spreading the geosciences, it is necessary and is of huge importance to urban planning and management.
    Geoheritage, Geo-Routes, Geotourism, Geotouristic Interess Local, João Pessoa, South Coast