Titus E. Amalu, Peter A. Ojugbo, Otop O. Oqua, Assessment of Impact of Recreational Resorts on Socio-Economic Growth of Calabar, Cross River State - Nigeria, SGG Volume 1, Sustainable Geoscience and Geotourism (Volume 1)
    This study examined the influence of the tourism industry on socio-economic growth of Calabar, Cross River State with special interest on the role of the resorts operating within the study area. Primary and secondary sources of data were employed for the study. The primary source involved the use of questionnaires, interview with participatory research appraisal methods while the secondary sources involved the use of journals, textbooks and records from the management of the various resorts within the area. The study observed that the highest medium of awareness of the existence of the resorts was through family and friends leading to 36% of the entire visitors to the resorts. It was also observed that 89% of the employed workers in the resorts were residents of the study area. The study analysis revealed that the number of employed workers in the resorts varied significantly across the various resorts with F=5.243; P<0.05 and also a significant variation across the class of employment with F=8.383; P<0.05. The study also observed that the resorts provided opportunities for employment, generation of more income and infrastructural enhancement within the area. Based on these findings, it was therefore recommended that government of Cross River State should direct interest in investing in the tourism industry through collaboration with private investors and providing an enabling business environment by the reduction of tax, provision of loan facilities and provision of infrastructures in the study area.
    Development, Nigeria, Patronage, Recreational Centres, Resorts, Tourism