Abdulkadir Abdullahi, Erosion Effect on Soil Physical Properties in Selected Farmlands in Gidan Kwano, Niger State, JHPR Volume 2, Journal of Horticulture and Plant Research (Volume 2)
    The study was conducted to investigate if erosion is a major problem and to identify the effect of erosion on some physical properties on selected farmlands on four farms in Gidan kwano. It was done by observation, interview, and questionnaire and soil sample analysis. The infiltration rate, bulk density, porosity, organic matter content, particle size and aggregate stability were determined for all the sample location. The erosion fields results were compared with the results of the non-eroded fields. The results showed that farming was done with simple method and mechanized equipment when available and erosion was considered a major problem in all the farms. The results revealed that bulk density values ranged between 1.475gcm<sup>-3 </sup>and 1.606gcm<sup>-3</sup>, cumulative infiltration rate fluctuated between 29.75cm/hr and 37.48cm/hr, porosity ranged between 36.49% and 44.34%, organic matter content fluctuated between 0.29% and 0.73% and aggregate stability ranged between 58.00% and 67.60% for the erosion field. The results also revealed that bulk density fluctuated between 1.458gcm<sup>-3 </sup>and 1.544gcm<sup>-3</sup>, cumulative infiltration rate ranged between 32.19 cm/hr and 40.48cm/hr, porosity fluctuated between 41.73% and 44.98%, organic matter content ranged between 0.30% and 1.09% and aggregate stability ranged between 63.97% and 68.93% for the non-eroded field. From the results, it provides evidence that the effects of erosion on the physical properties were increased bulk density, decreased infiltration rate, organic matter content, porosity, aggregate stability and percentage sand, silt and clay content. Statistical analysis proved that the results were significant (p&lt;0.05) except for the bulk density and porosity which could be attributed to the swelling and compaction characteristics of the soils.
    Erosion Effect, Soil Physical Properties, Soil Properties