T. Thanh, P.H. Ton, V.D. Hai, N.T. Luong, T.V. Hai, P.B. Hien, L.T. Nghia, D.M. Trung, N.T. Duong, K.H. Trung, Tran Dang Khanh, Detection of Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance Genes in Indigenous Glutinous Rice Landraces, JHPR Volume 2, Journal of Horticulture and Plant Research (Volume 2)
    Bacterial leaf blight disease (BLB) caused by <i>Xanthomonas oryzae</i> pv is one of the most widespread devastating diseases of rice worldwide. In this study, a total of 86 indigenous glutinous rice landraces were examined for BLB resistant genes included <i>Xa4, xa5,</i> and <i>Xa7</i> by using molecular markers. The results indicated that 37 samples carrying resistant genes, in which <i>Xa4</i> was found in 11 samples, <i>xa5</i> determined in 6 samples, <i>Xa7</i> was in 19 samples, respectively. However, both of <i>Xa7</i> and <i>Xa4</i> were observed in only one sample. The resistant level against 10 bacterial strains carrying the resistant genes was also evaluated. We found that the number 6, 9, and 8 out of the 10 bacterial strains were resistant to the landraces which carried the <i>Xa4</i>, <i>xa5</i>, and <i>Xa7</i>. The bacterial strain number 5 was revealed highly toxic, causing infection of all samples. The agronomical traits, yield and yield components of 37 rice landraces included the resistant genes (<i>Xa4, xa5</i> and <i>Xa7</i>) were evaluated. Our findings may provide useful genetic sources in indigenous glutinous rice landraces to further develop BLB resistant rice lines via molecular breeding program.
    Blight Leaf Blight, Glutinous Rice Landraces, Resistant Genes, Xa4 Gene, Xa5 Gene, Xa7 Gene